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Hi, welcome to my website!

I’m a documentary wedding photographer based in Northamptonshire, currently offering my services to the Northants area, plus further afield for destination weddings.

Ever since I was a young child I was interested in photography, and I’ve had my own camera since the age of 8. Slowly practicing, improving my skills, and understanding the art and beauty behind it.

My passion for weddings came much later, when I was asked to capture my aunt and uncles wedding. Back then I was still testing styles and trying to find one that suited me, so there was a few too many poses and group shots. But looking back on those photos, the ones that truly stood out to me were the natural ones. The ones where people were in their natural environments, acting relaxed, unaware of the camera. These photos showed people in their true beautiful light, and it was an awakening to my love for photojournalism.

To this day, I still have the images from that day. As do I for all of my clients. You can optionally purchase albums, but I do store a digital copy of your images, plus backups, just in case your may ever need them. These photos are for life. Allowing you to share your story forever.

If you would like to learn more about the venues I cover, you can learn more here. I primarily cover Northamptonshire, but you may find me in places such as London, Sussex, Cambridgeshire, and a variety of other places, which is a lovely change of scenery to explore new venues.

I hope you enjoy the galleries on this website, and get in touch to find out about my availability for your wedding and book a free consultation.

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